Artist Statement

"I sit between warmth and cold never knowing which is my territory..."
Gloria Anzaldúa, Borderlands/La Frontera

Chicanx scholar-poet Anzaldúa writes about existing in a reality that is both inside and outside, mobile and immobile, earthbound and heaven seeking, beautiful and horrifying. She embraces the contradictions of living a mixed-race, mixed-heritage, mixed-language life. I, too, embrace these contradictions. My work as an artist was birthed from this embrace.

Rooted in the practice of drawing and painting, my work is figurative and unabashedly personal. I use lush colors and generous forms, observed or abstracted from nature, to build narrative and recover memory. My personal, familial, and cultural histories—be they mythic, imagined, or real—are source material through which I explore the intersection of craft, materiality, process, intuition and intention.

Content and color is informed by questions around bicultural and bilingual identity. I am critically aware that my choices in conventions of form and space, which is to say the visual language I am always trying to find, are loaded with cultural context and meaning. So I choose deliberately and consciously. This is true of my material choices, as well. Whether I am working in paint, vinyl or steel, I work to transform the material into an shared visual-mnemonic and tactile experience.

Hybridity, multiplicity and contradiction inspire me. I see this nepantla, or tierra en medio, as a space of resistance, consciousness and hope.  

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