I am a practicing artist, arts educator and arts administrator with more than twenty years of commitment to individual and community empowerment through creative public programs.   

As an educator and administrator, I specialize in art education program design, management, and administration. I help both established and start-up organizations build their programs, strategize and implement growth or reorganization, and cultivate talent.  

I am especially interested in working with projects, organizations, and people who have the ambition and potential to transform lives. 

I enjoy building partnerships and networks among individual artists, communities, and organizations. As the founder of the Visual Arts Department at New Mexico School for the Arts, I learned the value of listening and collaboration. One of the most exciting aspects of my career at NMSA was working alongside a wide range of arts practitioners and leaders in Santa Fe, New Mexico; from gifted artist-colleagues to museum directors, from art students to world-renowned art collectors. 

Artistic and educational collaboration is the essence of my work: listening to others, reflecting, synthesizing, generating possibilities, and bringing all my experience as an artist, teacher, and/or administrator to address complex, creative challenges. 

Me identifico como Chicana y soy completamente bilingue y bicultural; I welcome opportunities to collaborate within diverse or underserved communities. 


I am in my twentieth year as a teacher, primarily at the college and high school level. My studio instruction—be it private or group/classroom—revolves around clarifying intention and offering structured lessons to cultivate technical skills, critical thinking, and risk-taking. 

I provide students with the skills and vocabulary to participate in art-making, art-thinking, and/or the arts economy, as per their interests and passion. Culturally and historically relevant art, architecture, and design history is a frequent component of my instruction. 

I strive to create a studio environment of engaged and serious focus, authentic passion, and honest, collaborative critique. In additional to my administrative skills, I love working directly with students and artists!


In 2016, my work with New Mexico School for the Arts was profiled by  Check it out:

•  On guiding students from "dependent" to "independent" learners

•  On the importance of taking risks and embracing failure


  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Design & Evaluation
  • Curriculum & Course Design
  • Staff/Teacher Development
  • Assessment
  • Curatorial Projects
  • Exhibition Design
  • Grant Writing
  • Public speaking

  • Private Instruction + Critique
  • Group/Class Instruction + Critique
  • Contemporary Art & Art History Integration into Instruction
  • Workshops
  • Retreats

Contact me for high-impact consultation, dynamic public projects, and/or program development. 

References available.

Photo credit: Yoëme Hömari, 2014

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