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designed and delivered by Mezcleras Edie Tsong, Sydney Cooper and Cristina González
sponsored by Santa Fe Opera, conducted online

Teaching as a Creative and Culturally Responsive Practice (CCRP) was a series of three workshops that supported K-12 educators who were looking to connect their inherent creativity as teachers with culturally responsive practice. Participants worked in large and small groups to explore topics of belonging/not belonging in educational contexts, teacher- and student- voice, and teaching practice as a form of creative practice. 

These workshops were delivered via zoom, totaling 12 hours and serving approximately 70 teachers, across three public school districts, in northern and central New Mexico.  Teaching as CCRP included three sessions:  Relationship Building:  What is Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and why does it matter?;  Sacred Circle:  Including Your Whole Self; Workshopping Y(Our) Questions.  Activities included guiding teachers through crafting altars, drawing, poetry, movement, and storytelling. 

Mezcla designed and grounded this workshop in creative practice, ritual, voice, and love.

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