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STEAM curriculum 

lead designer and project manager

Meow Wolf, Santa Fe, NM


Systems & Ecosystems in the HOER Forest was a project-based, STEAM curriculum developed for students and teachers. The project ultimately encompassed a unit of study comprised of multiple learning modules and lesson plans that integrated Art, Science, Technology, and Creative Writing taking as a starting point “The Forest” in Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return (HOER) in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

As the lead designer and project manager, I hired three collaborators Chari Kauffman, then-Science Coordinator for Santa Fe Public Schools, Elaine Blaser, Science/Math teacher, and Amery Martinez, then-Innovation Coordinator Santa Fe Public Schools and managed the project: setting timetables, goals, roles. After conducting needs assessment including interviews of teachers, principals, administrators, we developed a set of sequential, standards-based lesson plans, art projects, science projects.

The modules were piloted by a 5th grade science teacher in Santa Fe Public Schools. Because the project was conceived of and rolled out during the pandemic, curriculum writing was designed for remote instruction. The children were able to “visit” the HOER remotely, via go-pro camera. Their artwork was installed publicly in downtown Santa Fe. 


The teacher, Elaine Blaser from Carlos Gilbert Elementary School reported, “it was by far the most successful experience I had in teaching the subject matter.” 

All images and text copyright Meow Wolf, Santa Fe, NM

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