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conference workshop 
project manager, co-designer and facilitator
United World College, Montezuma, NM
Two workshops were presented during  a conference entitled “Justice in an Urgent Era” at the United World College. Designed and delivered by Mezcla, an all women of color artist collective, they emphasized the creative paths and experiences that we have pursued individually and in relation to larger groups. As creative practitioners, we are engaged in authentic, non-traditional paths, placing our creative work at the forefront of our lives. How does the experience of being unseen, othered, devalued, or excluded affect how we create?  How do our whole beings as women of color affect how we create?  What is the nature of courage in creative practice? 
The workshops involved fishbowl-style conversations — the artists talking about their work and practice as artists quickly expanded into participant-led discussions around how their work engages the world. Following a series of prompts, participants made drawings, stories, and maps that were installed at the UWC for the duration of the conference. 
I proposed the workshop to the conference organizer at the UWC, co-developed the format and delivery with collaborators.

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