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My bilingual, biracial, and multipositional identities inform my work. I look to poetry, symbolism, ritual, and folklore for inspiration. I also acknowledge that hierarchical systems don’t share my lens! Imagination and magic sit (sometimes uneasily) beside my organizational capacities to navigate complex systems, challenge inequity and create change. Mine is an inquiry-based practice. For wisdom and inspiration, I look to—

  • voices of Black, Brown, and Indigenous women 

  • artists, writers, storytellers, dreamers, activists

  • creative and culturally-responsive pedagogy

  • practices of rematriation and liberation


I work at the intersection of studio practice, art education practice, and the transformation of organizational systems through a lens of creative inquiry and liberatory values. My process is collaborative, transdisciplinary, and research-based. I am a lover of learning and synthesis!

  • program design, management, evaluation

  • strategic planning

  • public speaking

  • collaborative exchange

  • deep listening


I’m a multihyphenate. In the studio I have collaborative, public, and individual projects going at all times. In arts education, I teach, lecture, and administer programs. Within change-making institutions, I strive to bring my lived experience, creativity and leadership skills to organizations that have the desire and potential to change lives.

  • in the studio

  • with arts & culture organizations

  • within government

  • in classrooms and other academic settings

  • in public


I am a multidisciplinary artist who explores self- and social- identity through artmaking, arts education, and arts leadership.

  • public memorials

  • unique artworks and installations

  • workshops and curricula

  • educational programs

  • tools to support leaders in arts education

  • alliances and opportunities for women of color


My work serves the visionaries and changemakers of the future. I am particularly  invested in supporting young artists and arts leaders of color.

  • creative leaders

  • women of color leaders

  • arts educators

  • BIPOC women

  • youth artists


We are living in a time of crisis:  climate change, mass shootings, mass migration, displacement. The world feels impossibly frightening.  Therefore, we need to feel our interconnectedness through imagination and collaboration.  I believe young people, artists, and women of color will change the world. Precisely the voices who have been silenced by patriarchy and capitalism are the voices we need now.

  • art and art education need leaders of color

  • no conversation is complete without Black, Brown, and Indigenous voices

  • undoing harmful patterns of patriarchy and colonization is a creative & collaborative charge

  • we need ceremonies of creativity, connection, belonging

  • it's time to rethink and reinvent the systems that don't serve healthy, expressive lives

I am especially interested in working with projects, organizations, and people who have the ambition and potential to transform lives. Contact me for high-impact consultation, dynamic public projects, and/or program development. Me identifico como Chicana y soy completamente bilingue y bicultural; I welcome opportunities to collaborate within diverse or underserved communities. 

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